Size Guide


If you are unsure of what size collar to order, simply measure your pet to find the right size. Here are a few ways to take measurements and find your size depending on what you have on hand. 

  1.  For replacing a collar that already fits; remove the collar and lay it flat, hold a ruler or measuring tape next to the collar taking into consideration where the buckle ends join, disregard overlapping areas. Take the measurement and match it to our sizes below. 
  2. Measure your dogs neck to find collar size using:
      • a piece of string
      • ruler or measuring tape
      Taking a piece of string and wrap around the middle section of your dogs neck. Make sure it is snug but not tight, mark the length of the string and lay it flat against a ruler, add a minimum of 2.5 cm (1 inch) to find your collar size. 
      • tailors/dress makers measuring tape

      Wrap around the middle section of your dogs neck, make sure it is snug but not tight. Check the size shown and add a minimum of 2.5 cm (1 inch) to find your collar size.

      If you are still unsure contact us.  

      Product Sizes

      Our collars are made by hand and will have some variation to the size. The table below is a guide only, if you have special needs or concerns contact us. 

      QR Collar

      Size  cm  inches
      Small 24.5 - 31.5
      9.625 - 12.5
      Medium 29.5 - 42 11.375 - 16.5
      Large 38 - 53.5 15 - 21


      Zig Zag Collar

      Size cm Inches
      Small 26 – 33.5  10.24 - 13.18
      Medium 31.5 – 39 12.4 - 15.35
      Large 37 – 45 14.5 - 17.72