Zig Zag Collar - Lightning
Zig Zag Collar - Lightning
Zig Zag Collar - Lightning

Zig Zag Collar - Lightning

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A classic dog collar meets a geometric paracord pattern. This sturdy, stylish dog collar is made to last a lifetime. With time and use every collar will develop a unique state of patina. 


  • Handmade in Australia
  • 3 mm vegetable tanned leather 
  • Paracord lacing detail
  • Solid brass conway buckle
  • Handstitched
  • Width 20 mm  

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Vegetable Tanned Leather

The oldest technique in tanning, this method uses natural organic materials and takes up to 3 months to complete, without the use of nasty chemicals it’s kinder to your pet’s skin   

  • No dyes, inks or adhesives used in manufacturing collars
  • Light beeswax finish
  • Patina will develop over time and use, expect darkening in colour

550 Paracord

Parachute cord was originally used by the military and also available for civilian and commercial use is a type of general purpose utility cord. Popular amongst survivalist, doomsday preppers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and commonly used for braiding survival bracelets.    

  • 100% nylon
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Mildew resistant and will not rot
  • Lightweight and extremely strong breaking strain approx. 250kgs per strand
  • Inner core of 7 cabled strands and is covered by an outer sheath braided from 32 nylon strands