Braided Paracord 550 Leash - Black
Braided Paracord 550 Leash - Black

Braided Paracord 550 Leash - Black

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Classic black paracord dog walking lead.

Made from high quality nylon USA Paracord 550 and solid brass hardware. This leash is entirely hand braided and made in Fremantle, Australia. The 4 strand round braid is made of 2 continuous cord lengths: 110 cm leash; 2 x 3.5 m cord lengths, 180 cm leash; 2 x 6 m cord lengths, and 3 meters in the handle. The braid can be completely or partially unraveled and utilised in any survival situation. All ends are tucked and whipped with nylon micro paracord for a seamless finish. 


  • Hand braided - made in Australia
  • Flat handle in contrasting colour options
  • Solid brass clip
  • Machine washable
  • Length: 110 cm (short) or 180 cm (long)

          Note: Made to order, handmade construction may result in slight variation of overall length.


          550 Paracord

          Parachute cord was originally used by the military and also available for civilian and commercial use is a type of general purpose utility cord. Popular among survivalist, doomsday preppers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and commonly used for braiding survival bracelets.    

          • 100% nylon
          • Manufactured in USA
          • Mildew resistant and will not rot
          • Lightweight and extremely strong breaking strain approx. 250kgs per strand
          • Inner core of 7 cabled strands and is covered by an outer sheath braided from 32 nylon strands